Excellent customer service and always lightning fast turnaround, often in less than 24 hours.
I love this dry cleaners, every is professional, friendly, polite, and helpful. They always offer fast turn around times.
The worst customer service skills I have ever experienced in my life with the feontbdesk clerk. The woman is short and Petite look like she is of the Hispanic origin, was very aggressive confrontational and unprofessional with very poor customer service skills. I have been coming to this laundry Matt for over 5 years and never experienced such unprofessionalism until now. It all started because the day of 7/27/18 I had wash my clothes as I usually do but I have been noticing oils stains on my clothing after I do Laundry I expressed my concerns to her the nite of 7/27/18 jus to see why was this problem occurring then put my cloths In The dryer to pick up next morning. Now on the next day of 7/28/18 at 9am when I go to pick up my clothes a gentlemen by the name of Richard had approached me in regards to my concerns the night before and at first he just told me it wasn’t oil from their machine or else everyone else would be complaining, now this made me upset because I wasn’t askIng for any kind of compensation for anything just wanted the matter to be look into instead I felt as I was being called a liar. Well I then go to the front desk clerk,which she never gave me her name and ask her if it was possible to get the number to cooperate she rudely told me “no there isn’t any coperate number and if you have any issues take up with him” as she pointed to the gentlemen name Richard who originally approached me before I came to her. I then asked well can I get the number to a supervisor she told me “no there is no supervisor I already told you speak to him” referring to Richard “he is a the only only one u can talk to” now I’m getting agitated by her unprofessionallism, poor customer skills and aggressive hostile manner so I then ask for the number of the owner once again she tells me no and tells me “all I got is his cell phone number and you ain’t getting it talk to Richard that’s his right hand man”she says at this point I’m shocked and appalled like who talks like this in a professional setting. I realized I wasn’t gonna get anywhere but into a verbal confrontation with this woman so I just excused my self and began to just gather my laundry from the dryer to go about my day, however the gentlemen Richard was kind enough to apologize for any inconvenience I was experiencing and assured me that he will try to figure it out where the was coming from or my have caused it and he did. The grease was left there from the previous client that is a regular there n he is a mechanic and did his laundry before I came in to do mine, so as Richard and I are having this conversation and I see the woman coming towards us when she reached where I was having this conversation with Richard and she comes again as hustle as she was from the beginning and tells me “I just try to tell you there is no number but the boss cell and I wasn’t going to give it to you” I than told Mrs. you are being aggressive and did not try to resolve my issue in anyway or how I can speak to who ever owns this company in regards to my issue, and her response was “well you don’t think you was rude when you approached me asking for coperate number and I told you we don’t have any numbers for you to call and you insisted it had to be someone you speak with after I told you their wasn’t” now I am feeling like she provoking me to become verbally confrontational with her once more as I’m trying to just distance myself from her so that this verbal confrontation won’t take place so I kindly ask her let’s agree to disagree please let me get my stuff and go and that I longer wanted to go back and forth with her regarding this issue any longer and I excused my self and thank god she agreed and left but I have to say the gentleman really did an amazing job at assessing the situation and resolving my problem here at Park place cleaners but the front desk clerk needs some serious training on how to speak to customers, control her emotions and assess situation with out confrontation.
Fast, reliable and honest. Stopped here last minute before a wedding, and they got my suit done in time as promised. Can't be the prices either!